Man thinks ‘special snowflake’ means anyone he disagrees with

A MAN is wrongly using the term ‘special snowflake’ to refer to anyone who does not share his mean-spirited opinions, it has emerged.

Engineer Martin Bishop believes the expression – meaning people who feel entitled to special treatment – is a valid description of anyone who is not a miserable bastard like him.

Bishop said: “Last night there was a woman on the news discussing child poverty. What makes her such a special snowflake that she can drone on about depressing things?

“Or look at all these people moaning about not being able to buy a house. I can’t afford a Ferrari, which is a fair comparison, so they just need to shut up.

“Today at work Iain was all excited because his wife’s pregnant, but why should anyone else care? Total special snowflake.

“Later a customer phoned me by mistake and asked to be transferred to sales. I’m not here to pander to their sense of entitlement so I told her to fuck off and put the phone down.

“We’ve become a nation of special snowflakes. Thank God there are still people like me who just get on with things without whining.”