Man unsure whether to take phone call while on the toilet

A MAN awaiting news about a job was unsure whether to answer a phone call because he was on the lavatory.

Tom Booker revealed that he had applied for several jobs and knew the likelihood of it being a work related call was high.

He said: “It was a ‘withheld’ number, so I couldn’t just call it back and I didn’t know whether they would leave a voice mail or not.

“But I knew if I answered it and they wanted to ask me any questions they would probably be able to figure out I was on the toilet from the slight echo in the room.

“That would not have made the right impression.”

Booker said he decided to finish his business and pull up his trousers before answering the call as he left the bathroom.

He added: “It was an automated call from an insurance company. But I still shouted ‘you parasitic bastards’ down the phone, before going back into the bathroom to wash my hands.”