Man who can’t spell basic words demands you take his opinions seriously

A MAN who constantly posts his opinions on the internet does not seem to realise his spelling undermines his credibility.

Roy Hobbs thinks he is a serious commentator on issues of the day, despite using horrible misspellings like ‘probebly’, ‘interlectuals’ and ‘definately’.

Friend Emma Bradford said: “Roy hasn’t grasped that if he thinks ‘restoraunt’ is spelt like that people might realise he’s not an expert on politics, economics or any other subject.

“He’s constantly writing ‘looser’ when he means ‘loser’ and ‘lightening’ when he means ‘lightning’. When it comes to ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ I think he just picks one at random.

“He’s always spouting pompous reactionary crap, so a typical post will be, ‘In my estimatoin, a bridge with France would be disasterous. We do not want closure intergration with the Continant.’

Hobbs said: “Criticising someone’s spelling is a pathetic attempt to undermine valid arguments such as my view that we should ban transsexuals from TV to stop children thinking it’s ‘cool’.”