Men desperate to help push car

A GROUP of over 80 men is jostling to help push a broken-down car.

Following the battery-related breakdown of a Jeep, nearby men stopped whatever they were doing and desperately rushed to assist, with several falling over as they ran out of nearby businesses.

Passer-by Tom Logan said: “As a man, there is nothing I love more than pushing a car. Even better if the driver is also a man, because it makes me look superior to him and dominant.

“I’ve grabbed a bit of bumper and am making grunting noises even though the other men have all the weight.

“I might even shout ‘pump the clutch, pump the clutch’, whatever that means. I don’t even drive.”

Local shop owner Stephen Malley said: “This could be my only chance to do a manly thing this year.

“I’ve managed to open the passenger door and push that, which is a higher-status pushing role than at the back.”

He said: “Women are watching us with desire in their eyes. This is what I live for.”