Merry Xmas

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Scientists isolate 'the vibe'

THE elusive feeling that makes a party really happen has been isolated and analysed by scientists, it has emerged.

With many of this year’s Christmas parties failing to fulfil their potential, a team at the Institute for Studies has synthesised the invisible force that makes a social situation ‘happening’.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “As you can imagine, creating a good vibe under strict laboratory conditions is no mean feat.

“We started by examining a number of things in which the vibe is strong – a former member of acid jazz icons Galliano, a baby panda, the entire population of Brazil.

“But, despite certain commonalities, the vibe remained nebulous and we were unable to express it algebraically.

“The breakthrough came when we acquired a sample of Prince’s flesh and bombarded it with commercial jazz funk from the late 80s. After two days it began to exude a neon liquid.

“We injected this substance into some rats and the atmosphere in their cage became really fun almost instantly.”

Professor Brubaker hopes that the good vibe can eventually be mass-produced, possibly in the form of a small, roughly rectangular brown object that emanates an irresistible urge to party.