Middle-class family’s showing off enters ‘getting some chickens’ phase

A MIDDLE-CLASS family has got some chickens as part of their ongoing commitment to showing off.

Affluent conformists Tom and Louise Booker already have a tasteful house in the country, where they work from home doing some morally dubious ‘consultancy’ work that involves fleecing local authorities.

Having recently bought a large white Audi and sent their favourite child to private school, they have now purchased some chickens they don’t really want.

Louise Booker said: “It’s so amazing having the chickens, our youngest Rudy adores them and has a special name for the big one that I can’t remember right now but it’s very lovely.

“And you get delicious ethical eggs, sometimes half a dozen eggs a month which is just brilliant really when all you have to do is feed and generally deal with a load of chickens every single day.”

Neighbour Roy Hobbs said: “I give it a fortnight before the fox gets the chickens. And six months before the next recession gets the Bookers’ ‘shite country magazine’ lifestyle.”