M&S coat hanger ‘appalled’ at being used to unblock toilet

A COAT hanger from Marks & Spencer is distraught after it was used to unblock a toilet.

The hanger, normally used for a fully-lined tweed jacket, confirmed she was ‘utterly outraged’ by the incident.

The hanger, Anna Thomson, said: “I had heard of this kind of thing going on but I never thought it would happen to me.

“I can understand using a TK Maxx hanger as a lavatory unblocking device, but I am from one of Britain’s best-loved premium stores.

“I have nestled among silk shirts and tailored suits. A hanger of my calibre should not be used to mangle a massive shit. I will never be clean.”

Thomson added: “I’m sure the creature who blocked the toilet was very grateful, but I do not feel in any way heroic. I may as well have been used to hang a football jersey.”