Record collector who sees difference between ‘Near Mint’ and ‘Very Good’ will never find true love

A RECORD collector who sees a noticeable difference ‘Near Mint’ and ‘Very Good’ is destined to always be alone, it has been confirmed.

Martin Bishop, from Swindon, recently bought a copy of After the Gold Rush by Neil Young online after seeing it was listed as ‘Near Mint’ only to find small creases along the spine and a slight crackle on some of the songs.

Bishop said: “It is a big deal.”

He now plans to post negative feedback about the seller, Tom Logan to save any other future record buyers the same heart break.

Bishop added: “I’m helping the record buying community as a whole by leaving this negative feedback and my wife agrees with me.

“And by wife I mean my mint condition copy of Pet Sounds that if you so much as look at I’ll hit you with a chair.

“Either that or I’ll just leave negative feedback about you somewhere online.”