Mum communicating entirely in emojis

A WOMAN who introduced her mother to emojis is beginning to deeply regret it.

Nikki Hollis thought mum Carolyn would find the little pictures fun and entertaining but did not expect her to abandon words entirely.

Hollis said: “Having until recently been very vocal about her belief that smartphones are ‘ruining everything’, mum has now exercised her parental right to be an gigantic hypocrite.

“This morning I asked her if she received the birthday card I sent and she replied with a unicorn and nineteen balloons, which I took to be a yes, but who the fuck knows?

“Then when I asked what her and dad were up to this evening she just replied with the purple aubergine.

“I am desperately hoping it was to convey that they’re having moussaka for dinner and she doesn’t know what it actually represents.”

Carolyn Hollis said: “Winky face.”