Naive woman grateful for invitation to hen weekend in Dublin

A WOMAN is understood to be ‘really excited’ about an upcoming hen weekend she believes will be ‘a lot of fun’.

Laura Smith, 23, said: “Emma is the first of my friends to get married, and I’m just so honoured she invited me. She’s a bit older than me, so I bet it’s all going to be really sophisticated.

“She’s taking us all to Dublin apparently. Isn’t that nice of her? I haven’t received the details yet, but I’m sure traditionally the bride pays for everyone, because she’s the one who invited us, right?

“So generous!”

Laura added: “I’ve never hung out with a large group of women I don’t know. I think lots of them already know each other really well, and I can’t wait to slot right in and join their gang. What a laugh!

“I can’t wait to sit around with a glass of red wine discussing books and politics, maybe take in some of Dublin’s beautiful architecture and culture.”

Maid-of-honour, Camilla Daniels, said: “There will be drinking straws shaped like cocks.”