New record sees woman make it to 9.05am before hearing word ‘Brexit’

A WOMAN set a new record today by not hearing anyone say ‘Brexit’ for almost two hours after waking.

Mary Fisher forgot to turn the radio on after getting up at 7.30am and opted to listen to music on her commute, thus avoiding the B-word for a euphoric 95 minutes.

She said: “It was like the good old days. I was able to fret about health issues and work concerns, rather than the performance of the pound.”

However, Fisher’s bliss was shattered upon her arrival at work, when a colleague said: “Fucking Brexit. Have you seen what’s happening with Heineken?”

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson currently holds the national record for not hearing the term, only ending a five-day streak earlier this week while listening to an angry voicemail from Theresa May.