Nice couple sound like murderers when discussing their inheritance

A PLEASANT couple suddenly become very cold and calculating when talking about their elderly parents’ deaths, friends have revealed.

When the subject of their parents’ money comes up, Tom and Rachel Booker sound slightly evil, as if they might be planning to ‘help them on their way’.

Friend Emma Bradford said: “Tom and Rachel always seemed nice, but now they’ve started saying really harsh things like, ‘Dad’s going to die soon. That’s just life.’

“Also they’ve started taking a massive interest in their parents’ finances. I’m sure I heard Rachel say ‘They won’t be needing ISAs where they’re going’. I don’t think she meant a Saga cruise.

“I hope they’re not actually planning to murder them. I know Tom bought a new spade recently, but maybe I’m reading too much into that.”

Rachel Booker said: “There’s no point living in a dream world and pretending your parents will live forever. It’s sad, but it’s just nature’s way of letting the next generation buy a larger property.

“I’ll be devastated when my parents go, but I’d prefer them to shuffle off with dignity rather than spending years in a care home worrying about spending all their savings on it.

“Do you know how to make a Stannah Stairlift go much faster? Tom’s father has a very weak bladder.”