Nobody sure why men showing their ankles

THERE is widespread confusion over men’s decision to start displaying their ankles, it has emerged.

As too-short trousers spread out of London to infect the rest of the UK, many have expressed uncertainty over exactly what ankle-showing men are trying to achieve.

Teacher Susan Traherne said: “Sometimes I might admire a man’s face, arms or even legs, but I’ve never been remotely interested in the ankle part of the leg. It’s just a bony lump surrounded by hair.

“I understand women’s ankles were considered quite arousing in Victorian times, so maybe they’re trying to woo time travellers.

“Back at school some boys had ankle-revealing trousers but that was because their families were tight or poor. I certainly don’t remember them attracting any compliments, in fact they would often be deliberately pushed over in corridors.”

Graphic designer Tom Booker, who likes to wear no socks with turn-ups and a little pair of Converse daps, said: “For decades society has told men that our ankles are somehow shameful, forcing us to adopt socks under the guise of hygiene.

“At last those days are over. Gaze upon the magnificent bit where my foot joins my leg. Surely it is proof that God exists.”