Northern cafes compete over most disgusting sounding breakfast

LOCAL cafes in the North of England are competing over who has the most revolting sounding breakfast.

Every cafe north of Birmingham is taking part, with the winner receiving as many pigs’ trotters as they can fit in their car.

Bill McKay, a cafe owner from Hull, said: “You can come in and just order a normal breakfast, that’s fine.

“But if you’re a lorry driver with bright red skin then we’d always recommend the ‘Prescott’s Balls’. It’s a half a pig served on toast, floating on a sea of beans.”

Martin Bishop, who runs the Pit Stop in Macclesfield, said: “We do a thing called ‘The Manky Clappers’ which is a mixture of animal parts, onions and cornflakes with four fried eggs on top.

“And whereas most other cafes offer black pudding, we specialise in ‘brown pudding’.”

Mary Fisher, owner of a cafe in Middlesbrough, added: “We do a breakfast dish called ‘deep fried scrubbings’. It comes with macerated sausages and ‘bothered’ eggs.

“We also do a thing called ‘rubbed scrubbings’ but we need 24-hours notice for that one.”