Oh just f**k off, say women

WOMEN sick of being criticised for all of their life choices, have told everyone to go fuck themselves.

After a lifetime of being condemned for having children, not having children, having children and going to work, having children and not going to work, being too thin, too fat or wearing the wrong shoes, they have stressed that enough is enough.

Rachel Williams, a female from Kent, explained: “Apparently, if you have a vagina people think they have the right to judge you on every single thing you do . Even your actual vagina.

“And quite a lot of the judging is done by people who have a vagina. What the fuck is that about?”

She added: “Look, we juggle a load of stuff on a daily basis while being underpaid and occasionally getting groped on the tube. We can make humans with our actual bodies and multi-task like a bastard.

“Problem with that? Off you fuck.”