Potheads mourn author who got them back into reading

CANNABIS users are mourning the death of Howard Marks, whose autobiography got them back into reading.

Marks’s Mr Nice, a memoir of his drug smuggling exploits, was a literary milestone for many weed smokers who had previously lost interest in most books about a third of the way through.

Cannabis fan Tom Booker said: “I read books at school, then there was a hiatus of about a decade when the only thing I read fully was the graphic novel Watchmen.

“I started dozens of books but found them a bit confusing and I couldn’t relate to the subject matter because they weren’t about weed or out-smarting the police. Apart from that my cultural life was limited to Bill Hicks DVDs.

“However Mr Nice gripped me throughout. What a life. Ever since then I’ve been meaning to read another book, apparently there’s some cracking ones out there.”

Weed user Mary Fisher said: “Mr Nice made me realise books are not just oblong things that get lost down the side of the bed.

“They should put it on the GCSE syllabus instead of A Kestrel for a Knave, which is super depressing.”