‘Road rage’ may just be ‘bastard rage’, say experts

SO-CALLED ‘road rage’ may simply be the result of being a bad-tempered bastard in any given situation.

The Institute for Studies found road rage sufferers became enraged in any environment, including libraries, the countryside and sitting quietly on a stool.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “When we placed sufferers in calm environments such as a Chinese water garden they still became angry, in one case resulting in a man trying to punch a koi carp for ‘swimming in a really selfish way’.

“I now believe they are simply angry about everything all the time, as evidenced by a word association test in which some otters, the colour blue and a child’s tea cup were all described as ‘bastards’.”

Office manager Donna Sheridan said: “I admit I occasionally fly off the handle and chase a cyclist for 15 miles.

“But I’m not like that when I’m not driving, apart from my constant rows with everyone and that time I punched a vicar because the funeral was taking bloody ages.”