Rough family appear to have moved sofa onto street permanently

A FAMILY who moved their sofa outside their house during last weekend’s hot weather appear to be leaving it there indefinitely. 

The green sofa, on which the family and their various associates spent last weekend seated and drinking heavily, now appears to be a permanent summer fixture to the discomfort of all their neighbours.

Tom Booker, who lives in a flat two doors down, said: “Yeah. So apparently they’re just out there all the time now. Until… September, I guess?

“From about noon until way after nightfall they’re sat there, boozing and laughing and shouting and being extremely intimidating on their sofa.

“Our street has become their lounge, and my walking through wheeling my bike is like I’m walking through a stranger’s lounge which it’s rude to walk through wheeling a bike and I know it and so do they.

“Perhaps they’ll go indoors when it rains. I hope it rains. I really, really hope it rains.”

Sofa drinker Steve Malley said: “What? It’s the f*cking summer, isn’t it? They’re welcome to join us if they bring their own cans.”