'Run schools from pubs?' suggest teachers

TEACHERS have announced that they would be willing to relocate schools to pubs as a compromise to keep both open. 

As scientists warned that curbing coronavirus might mean closing pubs so schools can operate normally, educators have volunteered to teach classes from behind the bar.

Primary teacher Lauren Hewitt said: “The wellbeing of children is at the forefront of everything I do as a teacher, and drinking heavily is at the heart of everything I do out of school.

“It’s a visionary solution. There are blackboards at both, beer gardens can double as playgrounds, dividing up a bill between six is a maths exercise, and the kids can go on Tripadvisor to review the pub for their creative writing.

“It’s real world learning like we’ve never been able to implement before. Plus me and the other teachers can sneak a few cheeky shots at break.”

Headteacher Susan Traherne said: “The long term effects of children being off-school are almost as concerning as those for adults not being able to have drinks poured for them while they eat Scampi Fries.

“By combining schools and pubs we reduce the risk. It’s another example of key workers going above and beyond to help local communities stay healthy, happy and a little bit pissed.”

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The Wetherspoon's guide to fine dining in exquisite surroundings

IN these difficult economic times Wetherspoons, restaurant to the top echelon of society, has opened its doors to the hoi polloi. Make the most of it: 

Book well in advance

Like the Fat Duck, Wetherspoons is a night out to plan months in advance. The quality of the food and menacing atmosphere have gained a following among celebrities, so don’t be surprised to see Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Craig and Phoebe Waller-Bridge alongside you. Try not to stare.

Try the signature dishes

Much as Heston Blumenthal invented triple-cooked chips and snail porridge, Wetherspoons’ innovative dishes have caused a buzz in the world of haute cuisine. Make sure to try:

– Ham and eggs. Never afraid to take risks, Wetherspoons’ chefs have paired ham with fried eggs and chips for a meal unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

– The extra-large breakfast. A traditional classic reimagined with the bold new addition of Lurpak Spreadable.

– BBQ chicken melt. The clever use of barbecue sauce turns bland pub grub into a taste adventure you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Study the wine list

A large chardonnay for the ladies, but men don’t drink wine unless they’re ponces, poofs or Remainers, so stick with Stella or near-expiry real ales. Fish dishes, white meat and salads are perfectly accompanied by a heavy, claggy brew like Old Peculiar.

Play ‘spot the restaurant critic’

Critics like Fay Maschler and Jay Rayner are always in the Spoons. Rayner describes the jacket potato with baked beans as ‘an unashamed balls-to-the-wall celebration of hearty potato, confidently contrasted with a cascade of bean juice. The Planets Suite of high-end carb dining.’

For Christ’s sake don’t criticise Brexit

The foodie clientele are strong supporters of leaving the EU, so criticise Brexit and you can expect a solid, witty kicking in the smoking area, completely ruining the sublime experience of your microwaved chicken masala.