Scientists discover couple caught in endless ‘I don’t mind, you decide’ loop

A COUPLE are at risk of starving to death after becoming tangled in an ‘infinite non-decision loop’ over what to have for dinner.

Scientists detected the endless loop last Tuesday when Emma Logan asked husband Tom what he fancied to eat, leading to both insisting they really, really did not mind.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Since then the two have gone back and forth in person and over email completely failing to make any sort of decision but wishing the other would.”

Emma said: “I almost broke the cycle when I suggested we could ring out, but then we got caught up in what to have and it was back to square one. I think I heard a faint whooshing sound as the loop reconfigured itself.”

Tom Logan added: “I’ve been grazing from the fridge while she makes her sodding mind up.”