Scientists discover last baby name it’s safe to laugh at

SCIENTISTS have revealed the only baby name it is still safe to laugh at.

The growth of absurd ‘original’ child naming means that many Britons feel unable to openly mock even stupid pretentious names such as Sparklehunch, Lunar Catheter or Gloucester Bus Station.

Professor Henry Brubaker from The Institute for Studies said: “It is essential that we still believe we can judge others’ poor choices, and laugh at them. There is one baby now that we can still all laugh at. And that name is Trevor.

“It’s not even a particularly stupid name. It’s just there aren’t any Trevors because the name is neither weird enough for attention-seekers or modern enough for the more populist baby namer.

“Trevor the baby. Ha ha ha.”

New aunt Nikki Hollis said: “When my sister was pregnant I jokingly said ‘You’re not going to call her something awful like Bumalonia are you?’ and three people around the table put their glasses down and looked at me. Apparently it is Greek for ‘ray of sunshine’.

“I’m delighted there’s still one name we can all belittle.”