Scottish people refer to all fizzy drinks as ‘juice’

SCOTTISH people describe every fizzy drink as ‘juice’, despite no ‘juicing’ having taken place.

According to anthropologists, calling a can of cola or lemonade ‘juice’ is a long held Scottish tradition, possibly as a deliberate ploy to baffle English people.

Mary Baxter, a Scottish person living in London, said: “I asked my boyfriend to get me a can of juice on his way back from work and he brought me back some cranberry juice.

“What in the name of god is ‘cranberry juice’? I though it was perfectly clear that I wanted a can of Lilt.”

Scottish person, Bill McKay from Edinburgh, said: “Me and my wife stayed in a hotel down in Cornwall for our anniversary and on the breakfast menu it said ‘unlimited juice’.

“‘But there was no Irn Bru. They lied.”

English person Roy Hobbs said: “They are not the same as us.”