Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Self-help book really giving woman the confidence to bang on about her problems

A POP psychology book has really helped a woman unburden herself of her trivial, tedious problems to everyone she meets. 

Ever since reading Think Yourself Positive, Emma Bradford has been putting her commonplace worries into perspective by boring people sh*tless with them.

Bradford said: “None of your problems are your own fault and bottling them up causes negative emotional energy. So you owe it to yourself to share them with others.

“For example, at 34 am I too old to change careers? That’s what I asked Lucy at work for 45 minutes over lunch. Not that I’m considering a career change. I just felt I should discuss it.

“Should I be aiming higher in my relationships? I called my parents but they wanted to get off the phone after just an hour and a half. They’ve never been good with emotional stuff.

“The book’s really given me the confidence to address important issues, like whether I should take the plunge and go to the next tier with my Netflix subscription.”

Colleague Martin Bishop said: “It’s really positive that Emma is talking about her life at such length. It’s helped me come to the realisation that I would do anything to avoid her.”