Southerners to live as Northerners for a week

A FAMILY from the south-east have swapped places with a family from Sheffield for a week in the BBC’s new twist on the survival TV formula.

The Steele family have moved from their £650,000 Hackney home for a house worth barely a third of that in the Sheffield suburb of Crosspool while cameras follow their struggle to cope.

Norman Steele said: “I’ve heard about the North. I’ve never been, obviously. I don’t think it’s ethical to holiday somewhere with such an appalling human rights record.

“So we’re prepared for this as a social experiment, but something appears to have gone badly wrong. This house is massive.

“The air, which I expected to be black and filthy, appears to be substantially cleaner than at home and there isn’t the same wealth of art galleries, which frankly we don’t give a fuck about because we’re right next door to mountains and you don’t even have to queue for them.

“This is one of those trick shows like where they thought they’d been sent to space, isn’t it? Am I just drinking Vimto in the Cotswolds?

“Whatever. I’m not going back.”