Stoned guys agree organised religion is bullshit but there probably is a God

TWO stoned guys have concluded there is some sort of God but that all religions are nonsense.

Tom Logan and Nathan Muir got chatting at a mutual friend’s house party last night after going into the garden to smoke marijuana.

Logan said: “Nathan said he did he just didn’t follow any kind of organised religion, which I totally agree with.

“However we both believe there is a God because if you look closely at leaves, for example, there is a mad amount of detail and symmetry.

“I suppose that leads us to thinking God exists but it’s wrong to tell large groups of people about it.”

Muir added: “It’s always nice to have a chat with someone about the likely existence of some sort of eternal creator that is keeping everything in balance, whether we can see him/her or not.

“Maybe we should start our own sort of spiritual gatherings. But then if it got popular and became an organised religion we would disagree with it.

“Also it would mean getting up on Sunday mornings, which I think we all know is the real problem.