Stressful deadlines ‘completely made up’, admit bosses

BOSSES have confessed that the nightmare deadlines they set for staff are made up entirely at random.

Roy Hobbs, a senior manager from Leeds said: “I’ve delegated all of my actual work so if I don’t spend time setting needless deadlines for my team to meet, I have nothing to do.

“Sometimes the deadlines are for work that could be completed at a sensible pace, but most of the time it’s work that simply does not need to be done at all.”

He added: “Sometimes it’s a case of me fucking with people just because I can.”

Stephen Malley, the managing director of a recruitment firm said: “Earlier in my career, I ran around chasing projects and delivering reports for my boss and it made me the hypertensive, bald divorcee I am today.

“I feel it’s only right to pass that opportunity for personal development on to the next generation.

“Plus I always enjoy taking the team for a Nando’s when they think they’ve achieved something.”