Student prepared to find out just how ‘unconditional’ university offer is

A STUDENT offered an ‘unconditional’ place at university is determined to test just how unconditional it really is, she has confirmed. 

18-year-old Emma Bradford plans to begin by not passing, or indeed taking, her A-levels and see where she can take it from there.

She said: “You threw down the gauntlet, Sheffield Hallam University. And I accept your challenge.

“According to them my place on the Fashion Management and Communication course is guaranteed whether or not I’m qualified, wanted by Interpol or a vector for bubonic plague.

“I’ll arrive in the main hall on a stolen Harley, bitchslap the vice-chancellor before setting the place aflame, then set up my Class A drug stall in the main quad.

“Following that I’ll become a notorious gangster, pimp and contract killer on campus, unleashing a tide of moral degeneracy. After that I’ll probably make a start on the reading list because there’s a fair bit to get through.”

Admissions officer Julian Cook said: “As long as she’s paid her nine grand tuition fees we couldn’t care less.”