Student to drop out of university and look for other way of amassing huge debts

A STUDENT has unveiled plans to quit university and focus on different methods of amassing a huge amount of debt.

Tom Booker, 20, from Stevenage, said that despite the positives of a huge debt incurred from higher education, life was too short and he wanted more variety in his pursuit of never-ending financial stress.

Booker said: “People think trying to better yourself is the only way you can amass a huge, lifelong debt but those are the sort of idiots who get degrees.

“I could take up online gambling or buy a brand new Ferrari and crash it into a shop window full of Ming vases.

“I could buy 20 leopards from a Russian gangster or open a five star hotel in Coventry. Or I could just borrow twenty quid from Wonga.

“It’s called ‘lifelong learning’ and it’s going to be great.”