Teenage girl cynically pretending to be heartbroken about One Direction

A TEENAGE pop fan is having her first experience of overreacting to something in order to get attention.

13-year-old Emma Bradford responded to news of One Direction’s extended ‘break’ by locking herself in her bedroom even though she has not been into the band for a year.

She said: “This is worse than a bereavement, not that I’ve ever experienced a bereavement. I love Harry, and Lee or whatever the blonde one is called.

“I’m going to need counselling, a new top from Gap and permission to go to that party with older boys, otherwise I might not get through this.

“Most of all I’m going to need a lot of my friends to go on social media and tell me how ace I am.”

Bradford’s mum Susan said: “I’m fairly sure she’d already ditched ‘1D’ for the highly sexualised pop-rapper Iggy Azalea. I can’t take the chance though, so I’d better buy her a cake.”

However Emma Bradford said: “This is working really well. My friend Nikki’s nan is really ill, if she pegs it I will piggy-back on her grief to get a day off school.”