Tiny village somehow supporting seven different hairdressers

A RURAL village is managing to run several hair salons despite having few residents and being located in the arse end of nowhere.

Although the local shop closed in 2003 and the only other amenity is a Chinese takeaway that opens on Friday and Saturday nights, the village has a mysteriously thriving hairdressing scene.

Villager Helen Archer said: “I suppose it is odd, that you can’t buy a pint of milk without getting in the car but you could get a full balayage and blow dry at either Karenz Kutz, Curl Up and Dye or Val Does Hair.

“And for the men, there’s Jim’s, which has been here since 1977, and three Turkish barbers, all of whom appear to be doing brisk business whenever I walk past. I suppose even farm labourers enjoy a hot towel shave now and again.

“They do give the village a much needed bit of life, plus we can have a gossip at book club about which one we think is a front for money laundering.

“My money’s on Jim. How can you cut hair in the same place for nearly 40 years without going completely mad? He’s clearly a master criminal with sinister gangland connections, and quite possibly a murderer.”

She added: “It’s lovely living in a tiny place where nothing happens. We don’t get bored at all.”

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