Toyota Yaris is ideal Mother’s Day gift, suggest advertisers

YOUR mother deserves a £14,095 five-door Yaris Icon, Toyota has suggested.

The car is being promoted as the perfect present in a national TV and poster campaign which your mother is certain to have seen.

Helen Archer of Stevenage said: “I remember when it was just a card.

“Then it became a card and chocolates, then flowers, and then it was decided I didn’t love my mother unless I bought her a compilation CD of cloying ballads. And now I’m going to have to buy her this fucking car.

“I can’t argue – the way I behaved as a teenager it should really be the 1.5 Hybrid Excel model with panoramic sunroof – but then I’d have to sell my house.”

Other advertisers have suggested Mother’s Day gifts including a Hermes handbag, a boat or a second home in London’s fashionable Marylebone district.

Mother Susan Traherne said: “I don’t want any fuss. All I want is for you to stop disappointing me all the time.”