Unexploded bomb makes property more desirable, claims estate agent

AN unexploded World War II bomb is a ‘heritage feature’ of a Bethnal Green two-bedroom flat, according to estate agents.

A couple viewing property on Temple Street were deterred by the discovery of a potentially active explosive device, until the agent explained that it was a good thing.

Agent Julian Cook described the 500 lb bomb as a ‘a character-rich piece of living history’.

He said: “We’re listing ‘bomb adjacent’ as a feature. It injects a certain energy into the area, specifically potential kinetic energy.

“You can imagine the excitement it caused when it was first dropped.”

House hunter Emma Bradford said: “He kept referring to the possibility of an explosion as a ‘spontaneous structural rearrangement’.

“I was like ‘no way’. Then some other people turned up to view it, so we bought it out of a petty sense of competitiveness.”