Friday, 6th December 2019

We’re just so busy, say retired parents

A WOMAN has failed to appreciate how 'busy' her retired parents are.

Helen Archer, 70, told daughter Jane: “I’ve had a very busy week. Monday I had to go to the Post Office. Then on Wednesday I made that meringue for when Jean came over.

“And then this morning Jean came over and we ate the meringue and talked about maybe going to Kew Gardens in September.

“There’s no way I can help with the kids tomorrow.

“I explained to Jane that she wasn’t the only one with one of these ‘busy modern lifestyles’, but she was a bit distant. I reckon she is jealous about the meringue.”

Jane Archer said: “Tonight, I’ve got a 10pm conference call with the US. Then my to do list says ‘sex with Martin’, during which I will think about how to manage the budget process at work, and how to ferry the kids between three different birthday parties this weekend.

“Then I will set my alarm for 6am and the whole relentless f*cking nightmare will start all over again.”