‘We’re very lucky’ say couple who clearly mean ‘we’re amazing’

A SUCCESSFUL couple have put it all down to luck while also not wanting you to believe that.

Rich people Emma Bradford and Stephen Malley confirmed they have had a huge amount of luck in their business and personal lives, although they deserve it because they are amazing.

Bradford said: “We are so lucky to have twelve types of high quality soap in the largest of our four bathrooms, and we wear a lot of white billowy clothing.

“Our large portfolio of coastal property is nothing to do with us being amazing. We don’t think we’re amazing.

“Although if you wanted to draw that conclusion, from our good taste and lucrative protein milkshake business, it would be entirely up to you.”

Stephen Malley said: “We really appreciate our good fortune in coming from good families, good schools, and being good-looking.

“And now we want to share that sense of gratitude. By telling you about it.”