Saturday, 15th August 2020

When's this shit getting automated? ask mothers

MOTHERS have confirmed they are sick of waiting for artificial intelligence to automate all the tedious, repetitive shit they have to do.

Jane Thomson is urging the AI industry to innovate faster. “I’m like a robot already. AI could replace me in an instant with a recording that just says, “Put your pants on. Put your pants on. PUT YOUR PANTS ON.

“Then I could just lie on the floor in silence and breathe in and out for a moment and try to remember who I am, but actually probably just realise that the ceiling needs re-doing along with every-bloody-thing else.”

Experts insist that while it may seem tedious on a moment by moment basis, crafting a human child and teaching it to be self-sufficient is ultimately satisfying.

Thomson added: “Whatever. Piss off.”