Woman discovers adding ‘LOL!’ is great excuse to be an utter shit

A WOMAN who adds ‘LOL!’ to the end of all communication thinks she can get away with being completely vile.

Emma Bradshaw, 25, puts the irritating acronym at the end of texts, emails, Christmas cards, letters to the bank and any other message that includes something unpleasant.

Bradshaw said: “It’s a get out of jail free card for when I want to be an absolute fucker with no repercussions. Which is surely all anyone wants out of life?”

“And if anyone accuses me of being horrible, I can point out that it was clearly a big joke and make them feel like they’re being irritating, humourless twats.”

She added: “My favourite one was when I wrote a list of everything I found annoying about my boyfriend in his birthday card. He started crying and then I shouted ‘LOL!’ in his face until he stopped.”