Woman discovers #metoo not for just general agreement

A WOMAN has discovered that the Twitter hashtag ‘#metoo’ is not meant for just generally agreeing with things.

Nikki Hollis, 27, first saw the hashtag being used in October last year, but failed to realise its significance, and just thought it was a good way to support other Twitter users.

Hollis has used the hashtag to agree with a wide variety of tweets including statements about cheese on toast and cute little dogs.

Hollis finally realised her faux pas when replying to a nostalgic tweet about Thundercats. Hollis wrote: “I always imagined there was something going on between Lion-O and Cheetara #metoo”.

She said: “I was then contacted by a blog that was interested in my feminist reading of Lion-O’s toxic masculinity, and would I be interested in writing an article”

After a protracted and bewildering exchange of messages, Hollis’ confusion was finally cleared up.

She added: “They sent me a link to the Wikipedia page about the Me Too movement. Sounds awfully serious.”