Woman doing make-up on train getting disapproving looks from man scratching his balls

A WOMAN applying make-up on a train is receiving moody stares from a man who has been scratching his balls throughout the journey.

Wayne Hayes has spent the 25-minute commute repeatedly raising his eyebrows and tutting at Mary Fisher between moments of rummaging in his groin like a zoo animal with lice.

He explained: “Look at her, trowelling it on. It’s disgusting and inappropriate.

“This train isn’t your bathroom, sweetheart. Some ladies need to learn the difference between public and private.”

Hayes then inserted his hand into his underpants once more, rearranging his genitals several times before wiping his hand on the seat next to him.  

Fisher said: “I just want to get my blusher done quickly so I can slather myself in hand sanitiser to ward off his gonad germs.”

Hayes was later seen eating a bag of cheese and onion McCoys on the train, using the same unwashed hand.