‘This is discrimination against twats’, says Toby Young

TOBY Young has condemned a campaign against him as being a form of prejudice against twats.

The columnist has resigned his post at a university regulator after widespread criticism, which he blames entirely on the undeniable fact that he is one of Britain’s leading twats. 

He said: “We hear so much about tolerance from the Left. But where is that tolerance now? 

“We’ve seen the first rumblings of this coming from – where else? – the BBC, who fired Jeremy Clarkson for nothing more than repeated, severe episodes of twattishness. 

“And now I find myself hounded out of a job by nothing more than the copious evidence of my past twatty words and deeds, as if being a twat were in itself a crime. 

“That board has been left without a twat, indeed without knob-ends, arseholes or wankers of any kind, and that is not representation. It is a form of racism. 

“We are living in a system of twat apartheid and I am Nelson Mandala. And if you think that’s a twatty thing to say, you’re part of the problem.”