Woman expected more ‘likes’ for fourth pregnancy

A WOMAN has expressed dismay after the news that she is having her fourth baby only got 36 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

Emma Bradford announced that she was expecting her latest child this weekend, to far fewer ‘likes’ than her previous pregnancy which got 166.

She said: “The people who didn’t ‘like’ it might as well as have said that they didn’t actually like the fact I was having a another kid.

“And that’s none of their business quite frankly.”

However Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “She’s putting it onto social media where it is right in front of people, almost inescapably so, and they’re asked to comment on it.

“That is the very definition of their business.”

Bradford added: “People are just judgemental, when actually I want them to be overly familiar and falsely supportive.”