Saturday, 4th April 2020

Woman f**king furious to be given seat on bus

A WOMAN who was given a seat on a London bus is absolutely fuming at the judgmental b*stard who did it. 

Emma Bradford is sitting on the 29 from Wood Green in silent rage at the young man who stood up to offer her a seat and the cowardly bastards who sat by and let it happen.

She said: “What the f**k? I’m only 46.

“Maybe it wasn’t that he thought I was old. Maybe he thinks I look so fat that I’m pregnant. Clearly he thinks there’s something wrong with me.

“I’m healthy. I do hot yoga. I can stand for 20 minutes without feeling even a twinge in my calves. But to f**king healthier-than-thou over there I’m a frail old woman deserving of his charity.

“I’ve shagged younger than you and they’ve loved it, you superior pr*ck. I hope you break both legs.”

Tom Booker, who gave Bradford his seat, said: “Yeah that guy I was next to really stank of p*ss.”