Woman ‘flaunting’ her baby bump by not wearing circus big top

A WOMAN who is wearing clothes that allow people to see she is pregnant is just flaunting herself, it has been claimed.

Caroline Ryan has been made to feel like she is being smug and boastful by stepping outside not wearing something that resembles a giant tent that would typically be filled with acrobats.

Ryan said: “I’m just glad to have stopped having morning sickness long enough to be able to put some clothes on in the first place.

“Judging by what I’ve read in newspaper opinion pieces, society wants me to be pregnant because it’s ‘natural’, but doesn’t want to actually see me being pregnant because it’s somehow distasteful.

“This puts me in a bit of a bind.”

She added: “And if I did wear a dress so large that it should probably come with ropes and pegs, I’d just be judged for looking dowdy. Why do I feel like I can’t win?

“Ah yes, I am a woman.”