Woman getting tattoo confident she’ll regret it her whole life

A WOMAN getting a tattoo is absolutely sure she will regard it with thinly-concealed regret until she is old and grey, she has confirmed. 

22-year-old Nikki Hollis decided to have ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ tattooed prominently on her abdomen after a full fifteen minutes flipping through a portfolio of generic designs.

She said: “Yep. This is the one. I already don’t like it a bit and he’s barely started.

“Although it might seem like a snap decision, given I’m only doing it because my mate Hayley’s having one too, I’m pretty sure I’ll still be grimly ashamed of it when I’m a middle-aged mother of three.

“What’s great about ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ is that it’s a meaningless platitude on so many levels. I really look forward to telling the care workers how much I hate it when I’m in a home.

“Ah well, they say you only regret the things you haven’t done. Actually that’s a really irritating, trite and obviously false sentiment. Maybe I’ll get it tattooed on the other side.”

Boyfriend Tom Logan said: “I would never have a tattoo I’d regret. I’m going to get a whole sleeve.”