Woman mistakenly believes she was fun and interesting before having kids

A MOTHER-OF-TWO incorrectly believes she was a really fun and exciting person before having children.

38-year-old Emma Bradford claims that simply everyone wanted to hang out with her before her kids ‘took over’.

She said: “As much as I love my children, I’m just constantly knackered from clearing up after them and it has really changed my previously amazing personality.

“When I was single I just used to light up the room with my hilarious banter and controversial but well-considered political opinions.

“Everyone wanted to shag me.”

However Bradford’s former colleague Nikki Hollis said: “I remember her as a pleasant enough person.

“Sometimes I would offer her a Malteser and she would meekly accept. I’d describe her as a reliable and pleasant conformist.”

Bradford added: “No, I was this amazing whirling nucleus of creative and sexual energy. You should have seen me, really.

“Then I got ‘baby brain’ and suddenly became a quite standard person who slavishly follows Richard and Judy’s Book Club.”