Sunday, 25th October 2020

Woman referring to dogs as boyfriend and girlfriend

A WOMAN is behaving as if two dogs are in a relationship, it has emerged.

Nikki Hollis is referring to her neighbour’s labrador as the ‘boyfriend’ of her spaniel to the revulsion of reasonable adults within earshot

Hollis said: “It’s so sweet the way they just love each other. Tammy can’t wait to see her little boyfriend whenever they’re apart.

Hollis’ partner Wayne Hayes said: “Nikki is, in almost every way, a normal, functioning adult. But for some reason she has a blind spot when it comes to pretending pets have developed a loving relationship.

“I can tell you now that next door’s dog doesn’t give a sh*t about ours.”

Hollis has attributed other human traits to her dog, including assigning it a favourite television show.