Woman thinks it might just be easier to marry her cousin like in the old days

A WOMAN who has spent the last three years dating would rather just marry one of her relatives and be done with it, she has confirmed.

Joanna Kramer, 33, would like her mother to choose her a suitable husband like they did in Jane Austen books and wouldn’t mind if he was in some way related to her, though she would probably draw the line at her brother.

Kramer said: “For all that women in the olden days were downtrodden, at least they didn’t have to go through the rigmarole of finding a man who was both attractively masculine and sensitive to their needs.

“If I lived in the past, my mother would have set me up with a surly farm labourer from the next village, who may or may not be my cousin, and we would have made the best of it before dying of consumption at the age of 47.

“Which sounds like a genuinely attractive option right now. Even the early death bit, because all blokes morph into Top Gear presenters as they age.

“Maybe I should just marry my brother. We’ve already got the same name so I wouldn’t even have to get a new passport.”