Woman who keeps voting Tory can’t work out why public services are shit

A WOMAN who keeps voting for Conservative governments cannot understand why her local services are terrible.

Donna Sheridan has so far been unable to make a connection between public services being dreadful and those services being run by politicians who do not really agree with the idea of public services.

Sheridan said: “When I went to A&E it took six hours for a doctor to see me and she looked totally stressed. They should employ ones who can work quicker and handle a bit of pressure.

“The buses are always late and really expensive now. It’s the fault of the drivers because the private bus companies all have brilliant names like Fastrak and Arrivo.

“I was disappointed when they closed our library, but the librarians should have focused on making a profit instead of sponging off the state.”

She added: “I doubt the Tories are to blame because Theresa May is like a headmistress and Jeremy Hunt always looks very smart. I don’t really follow the news.

“In fact, I wouldn’t mind if there was no NHS and everyone died when they got ill, just as long as the government hassles people I don’t like.”