Sunday, 27th September 2020

Woman whose work emails full of exclamation marks as dreadful as you'd expect

A WOMAN who liberally peppers her work emails with exclamation marks is just as powerfully irritating in real life, colleagues.

Administration manager Lauren Hewitt believes that updating to the latest version of Excel deserves no less than three consecutive exclamation marks in the subject line of an email, and is also just like that in person.

Colleague Sophie Rodriguez said: “Initially I gave her the benefit of the doubt, as she joined us just before lockdown and I’m trying not to immediately assume everyone’s a total moron before I meet them.

“However, since coming back into the office I can confirm she’s the type of person who has a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ coaster to put her Hello Kitty mug on and claps her hands with excitement several times if someone’s going to Starbucks.

“How can someone who writes ‘Christmas Do Anyone!!?!!’ expect any respect?

“She deserves exactly as much contempt in real life as she does electronically. The exclamation marks were the only proof anyone needed. I should never have doubted myself.”

Later that day Hewitt sent an email to HR titled ‘Workplace bullying issue!’ beginning ‘Hi guys!! This girl Sophie’s really picking on me!!!’ which was rightfully ignored.