Woman with ‘Live Laugh Love’ picture looks like she wants to kill everyone

A WOMAN who keeps a framed picture that says ‘Live Laugh Love’ on her office desk confusingly appears to be a right cow.

Nikki Hollis displays the phrase in a manner that suggests she is proud of her optimistic outlook on life, despite being a cantankerous old bitch to colleagues.

Colleague Tom Logan said: “Nikki has had that picture on her desk since I started working here six years ago and I’ve never seen her laugh, apart from the time I accidentally poured a hot cup of coffee in my lap.

“She’s never appeared very loving either. I heard her describing the Children In Need bake sale as ‘a load of sentimental crap for freeloaders’, which doesn’t suggest a warm heart.

“Still, maybe she has it there as encouragement to be nicer. I can’t blame her for that, even though that phrase is so saccharine that it makes me want to gouge my own eyes out so I don’t have to look at it ever again.”

Hollis said: “I know my colleagues think I have this because I’m trying to be better but the truth is I just enjoy tormenting them with it’s hideous tweeness.”