Woman with wheelie case leaves trail of destruction in her wake

24 PEOPLE have been hospitalised by an ignorant person’s wheelie case.

Accountant Emma Bradford left a trail of broken bones, sprained ankles and crushed toes as she pulled her wheelie case from Paddington station’s train platforms to its underground entrance with remarkable indifference to her fellow humans.

Onlooker Roy Hobbs said: “With its rigid handle fully extended, her case was stretching out about a metre behind her. It was more of a portable trip hazard than a piece of luggage.

“One man toppled over it and landed face-first with the sickening crunch of teeth on stone. I’m surprised she didn’t hear that and turn around.

“Then she took out an entire family and they fell in a big heap, like in a Batman comic when he beats up a gang.

“I guess she was just fixated on her destination and didn’t give a fuck.”

Finally turning around to see the groaning bodies sprawled across the concourse, Bradford said: “Some idiots really don’t watch where they’re going, do they?

“I only hope my pants, t-shirts and beach-reading paperback are not damaged.”